This important book shows how it is still possible to prevent the collapse of our civilisation; buy it, read it and act on it urgently!

This book shows in depressing detail how likely it is that our civilisation will collapse. In ecological terms, we are booked on the Titanic and steaming toward the iceberg, with uninformed or irresponsible leaders still throwing coal into the boilers. It is still possible to avert the collapse we are heading for, but it will require concerted and urgent action. This book documents the hopeful way forward and shows what you can do now to improve our chances. It may be the most important book you ever read.

Ian Lowe 

An excellent account of the strategies we must adopt urgently if we are to have any hope of hanging onto a liveable planet while adopting socially just values and systems worldwide (not merely in our own charmed corner). If we follow this vision, we might still preserve* some level of Sustainable Civilisation for our descendants.

Kerryn Higgs

The Path to a Sustainable Civilisation correctly identifies the dominant economic system as one of the fundamental drivers of the exploitation of our planet’s environment and the vast majority of its people.

The book recommends ending economic growth by the rich countries and transitioning to a steady-state economy with sustainable prosperity for all, guided by the transdisciplinary framework of ecological economics and Modern Monetary Theory. In presenting its case, this book is readable, well documented and convincing.

Steve Keen